Top 7 software development trends in 2016/2017


The present era simply revolves around our electronic devices, the mainstream gadgets include PCs, smartphones and tablets. The increase use of these devices opened a battlefield for programmers and software engineers out there. Everyday thousands of apps are being introduced capable of helping and entertaining people in their daily lives, it had made life easier for both software developers and consumers. This may sound like a happy story to lot of programmers out there but making a cool app isn’t everything! Whatever the genre is but a program (app/software) must possess some trends in order to become successful and hit. There are lots of people who work recklessly day and night for months undergoing frustration and sleepless nights but still they aren’t able to make a good position in top charts. I’ll try to enlist some of the top trends of software development which will direct you in the right direction. Down below is the list of top software development trends of 2016/2017 , if you are able to accomplish these trends then worry no more you are going to be popular very soon.

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Internet is sweet spot:

According to me this trend is most significant if you want to become millionaire or even more, almost every app/software which is somehow related to internet is a hit! People love connecting with others. It does not matter if you’re developing a game or some other app internet support is compulsory! Don’t trust me check out Clash of Clans and 8-ball pool, technically these games won’t be a difficult task to create for a veteran developer but what actually made it fun and enjoyable is the internet connectivity which allows to know what others are doing, on what level your friends are and what do you need to beat them in scoreboard. Keeping games aside other social apps which help to communicate with others, sharing pictures sending texts and video conferencing these types of social networking apps are also way more famous than anything present on the internet. Moral of story whatever you do just remember internet is gold mine if you know the right place where to dig.

Everyone loves free:

This trend is quite contradictory but trust me nothing beats the joy of free apps, almost every 3/4th app for mobile is free now a days and by some statistical studies this ratio will grow in late 2016/2017 over 93%. By free I totally don’t mean giving away everything free of cost just make a hybrid system, make your software (app) free to download but charge money on premium quality services. There are tons of apps/games free to download but actually they aren’t 100 percent free in-app purchases and premium services is something you just can’t ignore. The major segment of Android and iOS income comes from in app purchases and trust this is the trend you must follow or if you are generous enough make something 100 percent free and monetize your production by ads and stuff.

Secure and safe:

Information is very easily accessible in current generation especially when there are tons of social apps being used by people. Games and other entertainment stuff can also hold data and information which you might want to keep personal. People are always very serious about their privacy and a software developer must also be very concerned about security. Time has revolutionized everything people manage their bank accounts and even pay via smartphones now a days therefore certain steps must be taken by developers and consumers to make the whole environment secure. Intruders and hackers are always there to leak your private data or even use it for their own black uses, so whatever you develop try to make it secure enough.
Wearable gadgets are big deal:
Everyone is very well aware of Google glasses, Apple and android watches. People will always shift towards ease and gadgets like these are something you just can’t ignore now a days VR headsets are pretty viral just because these things are making life much easier and enjoyable. These gadgets have opened new doors and possibilities, it’s up to you how your imagination can innovate the world around you. If you are looking for ideas what to develop in 2016/2017 then I think this might be your answer. Vast audience is purchasing wearable gadgets and there aren’t much of supported apps in market for these gadgets so please give it a try.


Major portion of software development is related to mobile development and web development, there had been many languages to code in but recently Swift is going beyond charts. Apple introduced this new language to the market and now all major companies are shifting towards this language due to its awesome features and ease of use. Honestly speaking Swift is the choice of majority mobile and web-server based developers and it have a great scope in 2016 and future. Learn to code in Swift as soon as possible future is getting swifter!
User experience is very important:
The main purpose of a software developer is to make something that people will love. That is only possible if your production is fulfilling desires of users, customers are on top in the software development trends hierarchy. User experience is something that decides the destiny of your app/software and in worst case scenario it can be your worst enemy. People love simplicity, usability and ease of use with quality content if you can deliver these things you can become a successful developer.

Cross Platform:

People use different devices as daily driver in their lives to get their work done. For example I might want to do my work with the help of Microsoft Word on my PC and sometime I might want to do it on my smartphone. It would be much easier for me to use an app that works on both platforms and synchronizes my documents because it will make things much more manageable. As time passes the use of cross platform tools will increase with great speed because our whole life circles around different devices. It would be wonderful for me to use an app which is supported on different devices. Make sure whatever you are planning to develop make it cross platform because it matters a lot in current generation.

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